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F E N G  S H U I  C L E A N S I N G  R I T U A L S  B Y  P U R P O S E


Attract Love, Wealth and Healing with these Cleansing Rituals.

Rituals anchor us and give us a sense of belonging to something much more significant than ourselves. They carry meaning and substance into our lives. When going into a New Year, cleansing is a big part of the crossing over process to new beginnings. You can start certain Feng Shui new year's cleansing rituals for certain purposes too. Attract wealth, health, protection and even cleanse yourself to receive the New Energy of the Universe when a year is over and a new one starts.

By doing rituals, we increase our mind’s capacity to attract anything we want and speak to the universe. 
Rituals also enable us to “go back to zero” and think about what we are thankful for in life. Rituals have great Influence over our Minds.

Just like in Feng Shui symbolism, rituals help us accomplish our goals and to get over adversity in life. Brain research confirms that a part of our brain reads this as if it were true. 


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