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3 KILLINGS Cures - North

The Three Killings are one of the significant annual afflictions in Feng Shui in a changing location every year. It is associated with loss and destruction of good fortune.
Horse born is the most affected zodiac sign during this year because is seated in the opposite direction, confronting the three killings.

During the year 2018, this affliction is located in the NORTH of your house or office (we also have the #5 malignant star in this sector). Cures and enhancers should be in place to mitigate the unpleasant effects of this killing Chi.
Otherwise, the household will meet with three types of misfortunes:

The San Sha is a deadly combination of three Sha:

Relationship Sha (Year Sha) cause obstacles that set you back
Robbery Sha (Jie Sha) bring wealth losses
Disaster Sha (Zai Sha). bring mishaps and misfortune

Do not carry out renovations and repairs such as drilling and hammering the walls on these areas as it will activate the Sha Chi. Feng Shui also advocates that you should never sit with your back to The Three Killings. Instead, you should sit facing it. This advice refers not so much isolated incidents but situations where prolonged periods of time are spent in this position, such as at your work desk.
Display the three guardians to dissolve the three killing energy.

People living in houses facing north must carry the three guardians or the Pi Yao keychain/charm to get protected from these three deadly energies.

Do not take the 3 Killings affliction lightly. If disturbed or left uncured, the results can be disastrous.