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3 Celestial Guardians Plaque.

3 Celestial Guardians Plaque.

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This plaque features the Three Celestial Guardians. These divine creatures which are the Fu Dog, Chi Lin, and the Pi Yao, are a good protection tool to place in the WEST sector to subdue the deadly "Three killings" astrological affliction during 2019.  

In feng shui, the Fu Dog displayed near to the door can prevent evil spirits and harmful people into the home or business premises. The Chi Lin which has the dragon head and scales of carp over the body is a heavenly creature that attracts the powerful cosmic breath of the dragon. They can bring success, prosperity, wealth, enchantment and longevity.
The Pi Yao which has one horn on its head and two wings on its body is the mystical creature to bring good fortune and extra income. 

Wooden plaque measure 8" W x 4.5" H