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2020 SHEEP


According to the feng shui horoscope forecast for 2020, this year has all the makings of an auspicious year to remember for the Sheep. Element luck is outstanding, and there is much love and romance for those looking for this kind of happiness. You also benefit from the creative energies of the #4. Education and exam luck is high. It’s a time to enjoy whatever comes your way and explore new territories if you choose to. Confidence is high, energy is strong and accomplishing goals will come easier. Try to make as many contacts as you can this year as they will be very beneficial in the years to come.

This kind of year does not come around often. A satisfying year if you know how to harness your excellent good fortune luck.

Your best months are March, June, August and December.


The presence of the #4 Peach Blossom Star brings many delights for the Sheep. It falls in the SW which is Universal Love Corner based on the 8 Aspirations Bagua formula, making its influence more intense than usual. It’s a good year for love, romance and even marriage for the Sheep looking for a permanent relationship. If marriage is the goal, go for it!

Because the #4 favors relationships of all types, it’s likely you’ll want to attend more social activities and enjoy the company of others, whether for love or business networking.

To increase love potential,carrying the Love & Happiness Gold Talisman Card magnifies your charisma and attracts people in your direction or clip the 9 Tailed White Fox to your bag to attract love and marriage luck. 

Sheep already in a marriage display the Rose Quartz Mandaring Duck Couple for Love to rekindle romance as well as opening your eyes to what you loved about your partner in the beginning.

There’s more to the #4 Star than just romance, though – it can also magnify scholastic luck and knowledge, so young Sheep should find exams and studies getting a boost in success during the year. To enhance this luck, place the Double Carps Crossing Dragon Gate or 9-Level Feng Shui Pagoda in your Southwest sector, especially on a study desk. If a Sheep child is reluctant to study or finds it difficult, consider carrying the 13 Level Wisdom Pagoda key chain or Scholastic Amulet key chain.


There is some concern for the Sheep from the killing energy from the stars of 24 mountains in 2020. A relatively minor influence arises because the Sheep sits directly on the Star of Yearly Killings, a negative energy. However, because your astrological friend the Monkey shares your sector, it provides beneficial energy with the Small Auspicious Star, dampening the negativity and offering small amounts of good luck all year long. 

More inauspicious energy comes from the Sitting 3 Killings Star to your right, which can cause three types of losses – reputation, finances and the loss of a loved one. It’s necessary to display the Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians in the South and keep the 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements key chain with you to act as a barrier against this misfortune.