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2020 SHEEP

Lucky Number: 2, 7
Lucky Color: Red, Brown


* The prediction is valid for 2021 (year of the Ox) starting from Feb. 12, 2021 and lasting to Jan. 31, 2022.

Rating: 2 stars

Since Ox and Sheep is one of the six conflicting groups in Chinese zodiac, the Sheep horoscope will be handicapped in spite of the earth-earth relationship between Sheep and Ox. Due to the conflict with Tai Sui, you people of Sheep sign will benefit little from the earth-earth relationship, see declined career horoscope and have your luck for work and wealth affected. As a result, the 2021 horoscope is not ideal.


Rating: 2 stars

The conflict with Ox will pose a great impact on the wealth horoscope of people born in the Sheep years. The impaired income from work, together with no luck for windfall, will make you feel frustrated in either work income or windfall. Therefore, your economic income will fall substantially and you may easily suffer money losses due to unexpected events in life, seeing increased economic pressure in 2021. If you have a certain amount of savings, this year will not be too hard, but if not it can be more and more difficult or end with some debts.


Rating: 3 stars

Due to the conflict with Tai Sui, you Sheep will find it pretty difficult to develop career in 2021 and see more unexpected things in career. Although you work very hard, the serious decline of career horoscope will lead to more errors in work, suppression by the superiors and tricks by the villains, posing certain adverse effects on your future career development. Luckily you will be blessed by the auspicious star "Ba Zuo" in 2021, which will help your cause to a certain extent and at least prevent it from major losses. Therefore, you people born in the Sheep years are suggested to make more efforts in work this year, which can stabilize your career.


Rating: 3 stars

The conflict with Tai Sui will also affect your love relationship. Moreover, the inauspicious stars over Sheep will cause more mood swings to you in this year, so you will often have conflicts, even violent confrontation with your partner, which will affect your relationship a lot. For married Sheep, even your foundation of love will be ruined by some problems and conflicts in this year, and you may even end up with divorce. As for single Sheep, you may find it difficult to start a relationship or win the heart of your crush.


Rating: 2 stars

The health aspect can be less satisfactory. Despite the support of auspicious star "Hua Gai", you people of Sheep sign will be vulnerable to illness due to the conflict with Tai Sui. The auspicious star can play a certain role in protecting you and keeping you away from accidents. Even so, you may still get sick, have some discomfort from time to time and even feel exhausted inexplicably. Because of this, you will be rather stressed in life and in mind, run out of motivation and look quite dispirited.