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Very promising overall luck analysis greets the Dragon in 2020, according to the feng shui forecast for the year. Heaven luck and Big Auspicious luck arrive, and your robust inner and outer energy levels complement them. Those who have your own business or are leaders at a firm do well, though Dragons who work for others rather than themselves will find it a bit harder to stay motivated. It’s important to set reasonable and clear goals and stick to them – work hard for your success!

The element luck that does suffer in 2020 is success luck (Lung Ta), which explains the lack of drive for some Dragons. There will be ample opportunities to this year but it won’t benefit if you do not apply good judgement and decision-making.

Your best months are March, May, August, October and December.


The Dragon’s home sector of the Southeast is blessed with the #6 Heaven Star in 2020 and you should look forward to mentor luck and doors opening by those who want to help. It will seem that blessings are all around, if you look for them.

Whatever the Dragon has in mind for the year receives assistance from this mentor luck and it’s wise to accept advice and a helping hand whenever it’s offered. Contacts you’ve made could pay off now in terms of support, opportunities and guidance. Even if the path you take is unfamiliar, you can have the confidence that things will fall into place for you thanks to the cosmic help.

Keeping the Southeast sector full of energy and activity is the key to making the most of the #6 luck. Display the Gui Ren Plaque Or Jade Emperor Plaque to round up all the blessings that are available. Carrying the Gui Ren or Heaven Amulet key chain is another feng shui method to attract and maintain advanced blessings during the year.

Hang the Six Coins Feng Shui Tassel in your car.


Dragons have abundant luck from the Big Auspicious Star appearing in your horoscope for 2020. This leads to opportunities for wealth accumulation and perhaps even a windfall. Opportunities abound and the sooner you can strengthen the Big Auspicious energy, the better. Place the Wealth Bull For Activating Immense Wealth & Big Auspicious or Bejeweled White Elephant Carrying Flaming Jewel in your Southeast sector to attract good fortune and give you guidance in recognizing favorable opportunities as well as making wise decisions. Carry also the Wealth Bull or Dharani Pagoda for Attracting Immense Wealth & Big Auspicious key chain.

The Earth Seal also presents good luck for Dragons when used to ground you and stabilize your energy. Carry the Earth Seal key chain.

The danger will come from the unfortunate Side 5 Yellow in 2020. Carrying the Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda key chain and place the 5 Element Pagoda with earth element in the East to combat this negativity and also wards off misfortune.