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2020 BOAR

The 2020 Chinese horoscope shows very good aspects for the Boar. It will take some determination and hard work to attain everything you want, but the potential is certainly there. Element luck is good and should prove encouraging. What you lack is staying power and determination, so you need to keep yourself motivated, learn to overcome obstacles, and believe in yourself. Do not to give up easily.  If you can do that, there is a lot of good fortune luck to be tapped.

With auspicious Feng Shui winds and excellent success luck in your chart, you will see things turn out very well for you this year if you inspire yourself to be ambitious and ensure that the afflictions coming from your 24 Mountain chart are dealt with properly.

Your best months are March, May, October and December.


Your Northwest sector benefits from auspicious luck from the #8 Wealth Star, bringing money potential, prosperity and leadership quality. Maximize this indication with strong yang chi energy and keep the Northwest well lit to awaken creativity and positive vibrations. Everyone in your family can benefit from this good fortune.

An excellent feng shui way to enhance wealth luck is to display the 2020's Wealth Tree With Mongoose and 6 Birds, The Dzambala Tibetan, The Wealth God or Eight Auspicious Objects Plaque in the Northwest to open doorways to wealth success.

You should also carry a Treasure Box Amulet key chain, Treasure Chest Dharani key chain or Red Chest amulet key chain. 

Because crystal's earth element energy strengthens the Earth energy of #8, it's a good idea to wear them in 2020. Wearing crystal jewelries is supremely auspicious especially for the Boars this year. 


There will be some interference on the road to success from the 24 Mountains Stars, none of which are good in 2020. The Boar sits on the Yearly Conflict Star which means it will take great effort to avoid arguments and tension when dealing with others. Carry the Anti- Conflict amulet of the Flaming Magic Wheel and place a Laughing Buddha statue in the NW.

On the Boar’s right is the Star of Yin House, always troublesome since it indicates the loss of someone close to you. It’s highly important to display the Yin House Mirror in the Northwest to combat this negative energy, particularly if someone elderly lives in the home. Carry a Ten Hum Protection Wheel Amulet key chain or Precious Umbrella amulet key chain.

Also negative is the presence of the Three Killings Star on your left, a strong affliction. To combat this harm, carry the 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements key chain.