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As this new year comes along, we can expect many things negative and positive to come along. However, worldwide relationships are expected to receive a wave of calming influence especially in the Middle Eastern countries. This would mean a big relief for the world and its leaders, so the year will definitely stars off with good news.

Financial situation worldwide during 2019 may be trouble some. This has to do directly with the dominant earth energy we will experience this year. Stock markets and global finances will be influence by earth energy with a yin polarity. Earth Feng Shui cures will be much needed to avoid big financial losses and counteract with the generation of new income.

Many will experience changes that will seem negative at first, but will have a powerful positive meaning in the long run. This has to do with the probability of losing close relationships or even big career changes. Take these challenges and situation head-on, because in the end new and substantial connections will be made.

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