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Overview: A year to look forward to!

This Year 2019 celebrates the year of the Boar and Roosters should be celebrating too. Many auspicious and happy moments are expected for you this year. Some predictions look rather neutral but others shine and should be activated for higher fortune luck. 

Lucky for you, the #1 Victory Star is in your chart this year, bringing you success and victory in all areas of your life. You will be triumphant through any obstacle this year throws your way and promises new beginnings and encourages you to open new doors leading to great opportunities.

Your creativity is in good shape so don’t hold back from your wishes and desired for the year. Roosters are one of the signs that will enjoy the most luck in 2019 so reap the benefits!
Boost your fortune this year and believe in your abilities and potential. Investment luck looks encouraging and long-term relationships/friendships are expected.

Spirit Essence and Life Force look neutral. You will struggle a bit to find confidence in yourself and doubt may hold you back. Your ability to fight off negativity will not be at its best, keep in mind that even if other predictions look promising, these aspects are very important when it comes to obstacles and motivation.

Carrying the Life Force Chakra Energizer with Double Dorje and Spirit Essence Enhancing Keychain helps boost confidence and mental and physical strength. 

Your Windhorse luck looks very nice this 2019, which will heighten the luck you will enjoy from the #1 Victory Star in the West. Take your time to enhance these Feng Shui winds with victorious blessings by placing a Victory Windhorse in your home or office and carry a Trinity of Victory Horses Keychain. Stick The Wind Horse Window Sticker in your environment.
During this year, trust your instincts, the Rooster has the strength of the eagle and this will help you believe in yourself this 2019. Whenever you are blessed with Feng Shui winds coming are present it is highly recommended to heighten this luck with enhancers in your living space to interact with the positive energies around you.
A 5 Element Banner of Victory or The Golden Eagle is excellent enhancers to place in the West from the beginning of the year onward, to activate and keep success potential high. Also, carrying a Winning Luck Victory Banner Amulet Keychain, or Prosperity Victory Amulet through the year 2019 attracts beautiful vibrations to the Winning star #1. 

The Natural Disaster Star will also be present and will put you at risk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Be protected, especially when your instincts’ alarm is going off. You should carry a Precious Umbrella Parasol Keychain.

Lastly, the Sitting 3 Killings make an appearance and may affect the way you interact with other people. Some competition may arise and people who envy or are jealous of you may set up obstacles to throw you down. The 3 Killings energy can result in 3 losses in your life: one’s good name, one’s loved one, and loss of wealth. Minimize the effects and stay protected by displaying the Three Divine Guardians with Implements for 3 Killings, or the Three Killings in the West. Carry a 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Key chain at all times.  

HEALTH: 26, 62 and 86-year-old Roosters will need to worry less about their help during 2019. They count on the physical and mental wellness to fight off serious sickness and to keep a healthy immune system.

26 and 86-year-olds will be prone to negativity from Earthbound spirits and it would be smart to avoid ill people in hospitals. Unless absolutely necessary, stay away from funerals if you can. Carrying the Black magic Amulet will help to protect you from this type of evil spirit energy.

The 14 and 74-year-olds will have neutral luck, but if any health matters arise, take care of it as soon as possible. 

The 38 and 50-year-old Rooster has a bad potential for health issues and will need to make wiser lifestyle choices. If you consume too many calories or are overweight, pay close attention to your physical well being and visit your doctor if any illness should arise. Those with poor health luck reading should display a Golden Brass Wulou for Health in the home. Carry or wear a health amulet and hang the 5 Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging in your car to make sure you are fully protected from illness energies.

WEALTH: Rooster’s wealth luck looks brilliant thanks to the effects of the #1 Star this 2019, as well as a high Wind horse luck.

14, 38, 50 and 74-year-old Roosters will enjoy great money growth and fortune.
62-year-old also experiences wealth boosts throughout the year.
26 and 86-year-old must be the most cautious this year as wealth luck is very poor, don’t overspend and try not to take risky investments on costly projects. Carrying the Protection of Wealth and Good Name Amulet Key chain is especially recommended for those most at risk but all Roosters could benefit from keeping this feng shui remedy close by. Enhance your wealth luck with the 14K Wealth Lock or Money Frog for Wealth Luck. 
Also, carry the Stupa of 8 Doors to Abundance Keychain to bring Prosperity and success energies your way. In 2019, it's very auspicious to wear or keep close to you natural crystals to activate the #8 Wealth Star or display the Double Carp Water Feature int he center of the home or living room. Placing the Red Elephant carrying 8 Coins is an excellent choice too.

CAREER EDUCATION: The brilliant #1 Star motivates good success in career to come your way, as well as in scholastic matters. Students will receive awards and recognition this year, but only through hard work and determination, paying attention to studies will be important. Carrying a Scholastic Amulet Keychain will benefit Rooster students. Business and career will also look good, but Roosters will need to be on the lookout of jealousy or envy from competitors. Don’t place your trust in just anyone, as people can go out of their way to harm your image. If you experience business discussions, be patient and walk away as your reputation could be in jeopardy. Try to network and find friends and allies and proceed with caution.  Carry an 8-Sided Mirror Fan for Longevity and Career Keychain or Hamsa Hand Evil Eye and stick Evil Eye Sticker in your working space.

LOVE: During 2019 Roosters may not seem as interested in seeking love. Success will be big in your year this year, so your energy will be focused elsewhere. But if you let down your guard, someone special could come into your life and a new relationship can grow deeper.