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Overall very good.

In comparison to last year, 2019 looks promising for the Rats! Things will change. The negativity from the Five Yellow Star during 2018 will be replaced by the beautiful Peach Blossom star that will bring you friendship and love. The Peach Blossom, when activated also helps students in their education or anyone seeking achievement in their field of study.

Your stars in the sky: The Big and Small Auspicious stars (many opportunities of success) The Peach Blossom Star.

Life Force: 2019 will bring you a strong life force, which will provide you with the ability to keep going and stay focused. Enhance this by carrying the Life Force Amulet.

Spirit Essence: This year it will be somewhat weak, this can be caused by the envy of others and can affect your confidence. This can be fixed by protecting your Spirit Essence with the Spirit Essence Enhancing Key chain or Element Balancing Medallion. Be careful as this weakness can leave you vulnerable to others’ negative intentions. For this, wear Protective stones such as Tiger Eye Pi Yao, Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline.

Display the Four Great Heavenly Kings in your home or carry the 4 Kings Talisman into your bag to assure strength and protection against those who will try to harm your reputation.

Lung Ta Luck: Neutral. Rats will need to be hardworking and focusing their energy on success during 2019 to earn what they desire. To maximize this luck carry the King Gesar Amulet or the Magical Windhorse for winds of opportunities..

Married couples should beware of the Peach Blossom Star, which can attract scandals or third-party interference in your relationships. Married Rats should protect their relationships by wearing the Fox or the Rooster with Fan, or the Anti-Infidelity Talisman

All Rats will be seen as kind and others will appreciate their actions throughout the year. Maintaining a positive attitude towards this favorable attention will bring you great opportunities personally and professionally.

HEALTH, as important as it is, will vary for Rats of certain ages. However, everyone should be taking care of their health and well-being as best as possible.

11, 35, and 71-year-old Rats will be enjoying good health.

23 and 83-year-old Rats will have average health and will be wise to take care of and protect their illness sectors, especially if any illness is or has been present.

47 and 59-year-old rats will be the ones of most risk or health problems. You should avoid excess in drinking and food consumption as well as seeking medical attention as soon as you notice illness beginning. Keeping stress levels low will also help. Enhance your health luck with carrying the Anti-Illness amulet and display the Garuda Bird or Wu Lous in the home.Hang the Five Coins tassel with Wu Lou for Health Luck in your car to make sure you are fully protected from illness energies.

WEALTH, Financial luck looks good for the 11, 35, 59 and 71-year-old Rats. The 59-year-old is the luckiest. If you are thinking of making investments, this might be a good year to do so.

The 23, and 83-year-old rats will need to take care of their financial situation and be wary of any investments.

The 47-year-old Rat should be extra cautious with money matters during the year 2019. Overspending might be a mistake and a reduction of wealth and financial security is almost a definite possibility. Competition in your business could influence this negative money luck and it may not be the year for you to make risky moves in your business. Carry the Treasure Box Amulet. Display the Victory Flags to get success in competition at work  or the Wealth Pot to give your personal money luck a boost. Hang a wealth amulet in the car to attract wealth luck. In 2019, it's very auspicious to wear or keep close to you natural crystals to activate the #8 Wealth Star. We highly recommend Citrine , Amethyst, Green Jade and Tiger Eye.

CAREER AND EDUCATION, most rats will enjoy good education luck in 2019, especially the 35-year old whose career will experience a great leap of success in the form of promotion or higher authority. Take advantage of this energy with the correct Feng Shui enhancers. The 11-year-old will enjoy exceptional scholastic luck and could be close to receiving awards for this. All students wishing education luck can keep the Clear Crystal Globe nearby and carry the  Education & Scholastic Key chain.

LOVE LUCK. If you are a Rat looking for love, this will be a great year. As the Peach Blossom Star will be with you throughout 2019! This will make it easier to find the special one. With a positive outlook and joyful energy, this year has, you will be attracting admirers left and right. Keep your eyes and heart open. Engagement or marriage will also be lucky possibilities during the year. Enhance your love luck by placing a Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom.