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OX 2019 Overall Luck.

Feng Shui winds are in your favor during 2019, bringing you much fortune and success luck. Love and relationships took a hit for you last year, but this year there will be an improvement. You will have the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new connections that result in lasting friendships. Seeing relationships with fresh eyes is key while letting go of harsh feelings or negativity.
Pay attention to the first period of 2019, which might not be the luckiest for you (February thru  May). It might be best to set out plans instead of diving head-on into projects. Set your goals and begin your big moves towards the middle of the year.

Life Force: Very high. This will give you the vitality and motivation you need, encouraging strong physical well-being.

Spirit Essence: Is also on a high and give the Ox confidence that leads to success and victory. This helps chase away any negative energy or intentions that might want to overthrow your confidence. Remember to keep a positive attitude and keep your goals well planned out for execution. Maximize your spirit essence to overcome any adversity by carrying the Life Force Chakra Energizer with Double Dorje, improving upon what is already there. In 2019, you can trust your intuition and remain positive and focused on tasks for best results.
Lung Ta: This year, your hard work and focus will pay off and you will be able to provide stability for your family or loved ones. Carrying the King Gesar of Ling on Wind Horse or Bejeweled Red Wind horse as a feng shui enhancer encourages success luck now. Carry the Magical Windhorse Amulet or Red Wind horse Over Water Key chain to heighten your success luck even further. The Sacred Cow Kamadhenu can also be called upon to grant your wishes and desires when placed in an elevated position in the Northeast, your home sector.

Stars in your sky: Unfortunately, you are being threatened by the effects of #2 Illness star which creates the potential for a weakened immune system and all OX being prone to sickness. This goes especially to any Ox that is already suffering from illnesses such as cancer or heart issues. Ox suffering from diabetes must be extra mindful of their glucose levels. All other Ox should keep their health in mind throughout 2019. Display Wu Lou Amulets nearby and the Metal Garuda Bird to keep illness at bay.

On the other end of the scale, you do have the Small and Big Auspicious stars that will indicate small and big success throughout the year. However, huge success is expected from the Big Auspicious which is the “star” of the Ox chart this 2019. This could arrive in the form of a dream coming true, a big reward or a promotion. However, be wary, your luck is so strong that envious energy can throw you off. Wear the Evil Eye Hamsa Hand or carry a Hamsa Hand Charm as a cure for jealousy.

Embrace the fortune this star brings by carrying the Tai Kat Key chain.

s stated previously, the strong influence of #2 Illness star will affect all Ox.

The 10, 34 and 70-year-old will enjoy the least amount of illness luck and can expect immunity from most sicknesses. However, you should assume that all will be well, stay mindful.
22 or 82-year-old will be advised to pay attention to their lifestyle choices in order to encourage better health and well-being.
46 and 58-year-old Ox will need to make their health the highest of priorities during 2019. Keeping stress levels low and trying to not let harsh emotions get to them. Getting rest and you-time will be an important part of your self-care. In this group, it is the 46-year-old who will suffer from most of the negative vibrations of illness especially if you are too involved in matters of sickness, such as funerals, hospitals, or this type of work. This negativity could overthrow your inner strength. Carry Anti Illness Amulets as a 
 feng shui protection from unfortunate spirit influence. 

It is recommended for those with poor health ratings to display a Pair of  Wu Lous or Brass Wu Lou in the home. Carry the Garuda Bird Wu Lou Key chain. Hang a Health Amulet in the car to get extra protection. 

WEALTH, Your strong elemental luck will greatly benefit the incoming of wealth into your life this 2019. It will be important that you “invite” this fortune into your home or office with powerful and effective Feng Shui symbols. Financial luck and stability are very possible for all OX this year.

10, 34, 58 and 70-year-olds can expect the best luck. Wealth will be much achievable for this group.

58-year-old Ox will enjoy financial and even windfall luck.
22 or 82-year-old Ox will not enjoy as much fortune luck as the other groups. It is advised that you focus your hard-work in particular projects while making wise investments, instead of getting into difficult financial situations.
the 46-year-old Ox will need to be the most careful in order not to lose great amounts of wealth during 2019. Spend wisely to prevent money loss. An envious person (competitor or co-worker) may want to harm your reputation, protect yourself by carrying Protection of Wealth and Good Name Amulet  is advised as a method of warding off this negativity.

To boost wealth luck for the Ox in 2019, carry a Treasure Box Amulet Key chain or Prosperity Talisman with the Earth Element and display a Hooking Abundance Mirror. Hang Wealth symbols at home to attract wealth luck. In 2019, it's very auspicious to wear or keep close to you natural crystals to activate the #8 Wealth Star. We highly recommend Citrine, Green Jade and Pyrite. Placing the Bejeweled Red Elephant carrying Coins in the center of your home is an excellent choice too.

CAREER & EDUCATION: Overall, it will be a promising 2019 for career and scholastic luck for the Ox. It is advised that you keep your eyes open for opportunities that may lead to success. The young, 10-year-old Ox will do very well in studies and will enjoy a windfall of scholastic success. Displaying the  Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati and Carry the Scholastic Luck amulet to elevate this luck.

34-year-old Ox will have brilliant career luck, which will come in the form of a higher position or promotion. A Dragon Gate Scholastic Keychain is ideal for that ambitious ox.
22 Year old ox will need to be extra cautious about their career and education. Be mindful about how you react to certain people in a higher hierarchy, this may hold you back. The feng shui Education & Scholastic Keychain, when carried or worn, is a wise choice to provide the boost that is needed.

LOVE: Love luck looks good for the Ox in 2019. However, be mindful of your partners needs to make your relationships work. You don’t always need to win the arguments. Keeping your emotions under control will be a big part of your love outlook this year. 

Boost your love luck by displaying Mandarin Ducks  or Wish fulfilling Bejeweled Pair of Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom and wear a 2 DZI eyes Rose Quartz for Love Luck.