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Overall: Promising year.

It may not be the best year of the Monkey this 2019, but your predictions show that there will be certain aspects that show promise. You Monkeys are a resilient sign and are capable of keeping your head up through adversity. The most unfortunate aspect in your 2019 chart is the presence of the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star, which will create difficulties and obstacles. But your Elemental Luck will counteract and make you feel on top of your game, so overcoming anything will appear much easier. Keep your creative mind active because success will always come from your brilliant mind. Some fear and doubt may come into play to create stress and make things seem worse than they seem. But stay ahead!  

Your elements looks average, which could bring you at least some positivism in 2019.

Life Force and Spirit Essence is neutral as well as your Wind Horse Lung Ta luck.
Your effort, determination and your ability to find motivation will bring you the success you’re looking for. Plan out and prepare what you want to achieve, this will be the key to unlocking great opportunities in the year 2019. 
Call upon your friend, the Dragon, which will be a powerful ally for you this year. And will provide with a strong energy to support you. The Dragon will be the Monkey’s ally this year, sending strong energy to support you. Call upon this ally by placing an image of a Dragon in your Southwest sector for best results. Carrying the Life Force Chakra Energizer with Double Dorje is a must feng shui recommendation for you to make the most of energy and vitality. You can also wear Red Jade or Lava Bracelet to enhance your Life Force. Carry a Red Wind Horse Over Water Key chain or Trinity of Victory Horses will make the most of any success that shows potential.

STARS IN THE SKY: Feng Shui winds may not be in your favor completely this year, since the #5 Misfortune Star will be taking a hit on your chart, creating potential obstacles and difficulties in your way. Challenges may appear even before you begin. Pay attention and take this misfortune luck seriously, since, at its worst, the #5 can create all sorts of misfortunes, including money loss, disappointments, illness, and accidents. Feng Shui will be your best ally to overcome such negativity. Carry the Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda key chain and display the 5 Element Pagoda with Earth element in the Southwest sector at home as a must for protection. If you live in a multi-level home, place a Pagoda, even if it’s a smaller one, on each level, in the Southwest sector to maximize protection. 

The Star of 3 Killings is also very present next to the Rooster side in your chart. This adds on another layer of issues since this star can bring negative energy when dealing with others on important family or work matters. Jealousy and envy can get in the way of your projects and undermine you and your efforts. Pay attention to this affliction and use Feng Shui protection by carrying the Tzi Chi Kau Amulet to control disharmony and disagreements in the work place or between families. Display the strong and mighty Three Ki Lions or 3 Divine Guardians or the 3 Harmony Warriors in your Southwest sector, to ward off as much of the powerful negative energy as possible. Do carry a 3 Celestial Guardians Keychain too.

HEALTH: Since part of what the #5 Misfortune star creates is negativity in all aspects, health will seem affected by this. All Monkeys should be mindful and on guard of potential illness in 2019.
39 and 51-year-old Monkeys will need to pay close attention, more than any other age group, and stay mindful of healthier lifestyle choices. If any small illness should arise, check with your doctors, as anything that seems small at first can become serious.

15 and 75-year-olds will have neutral luck but will need to avoid stressful situations that may get to your mind and by consequence, the body.

27, 63 and 87-year-old Monkey will be the strongest in warding off illness energy, however, all must take care of their well-being this 2019.

To enhance health luck, display a Brass Wulou in the home. Carry or wear a health amulet and hang  the 5 Emperor Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou in your car to make sure you are fully protected from illness energies.

WEALTH: The 63-year-old Monkey will have neutral luck.
the 15, 39, 51 and 75-year-olds will experience better money luck that will come from hard work and focus into your plans and business projects.
39-year-old Metal Monkey will have potential windfall unexpectedly.
27 and 87-year-olds, will have the worst health luck out of all. Be careful when spending and don’t make any risky investments. Support yourself with Feng Shui cures for protection or money loss.

Carry the Wealth Lock Coin to help retain and attract money or the 8 Doors Stupa Amulet. Place the Yellow Apple or Dzambhala Wealth vase in the center of your home to tap into the luck of the Annual Wealth star.

CAREER: Career and scholastic luck will be mixed according to predictions for 2019. You luck will depend on what you desire to achieve. Invite the Luo Han with Qi Lin for Powerful Knowledge and Scholastic Luck or Carry the Scholastic and Education amulet for career luck in order to increase your ambitious thoughts or clear them out for a better picture. Also, because of the Monkey’s personality, it will be advised that you take things slow this year instead of making big decisions, small changes will become a great result, but be patient.

LOVE: It may be difficult to find the love you are looking for this year, Monkeys. Because of your competitive personality, getting along with everyone does not come easy for you. But since 2019 will make you a bit indifferent and judgmental towards others, admirers may not approach you and it will be up to you to make the right moves with the person you are interested in. If you are a Monkey in a relationship, make sure you take care of it and keep it loving. Enhance love and relationship luck with Mandarin Ducks and Rose Quartz crystals in the bedroom. You can wear the 2 Eyed Dzi bracelet if you wish to get hitched.