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HORSE 2019

Overall: Not an easy year.

2019 may not be the best or easiest year for the Horse. Challenges will emerge that will cause you to easily lose your temper and get frustrated. Your elemental luck Lifeforce, spirit essence, and Windhorse luck look pretty bad, which means your confidence, physical strength and the energy to repel negativity will be difficult. Even if this year doesn’t look as good as it should, Feng Shui cures will need to be used in order to overcome as much of the negativity as possible.

Lifeforce & Spirit Essence: These two elements will suffer, meaning that your body will not be as strong enough as well as mental strength will be low. It will be harder to find the motivation to pursue your goals and stay positive along the way. This could also mean that you will doubt yourself and your talents more often along the year and will be prone to seem affected by negativity from evil spirits or those who wish to harm you. 

Windhorse: Is also extremely low, major success will not seem possible even if the Horse is usually a very strong figure.Carry the Lung Ta Amulet and Life Force Medallion, you can combine with the 4 DZI Eye or Black Obsidian Bracelet against negative energy.

Displaying a King Gesar or Bejeweled Red Windhorse in your home, especially the South sector or where you spend significant time is a way to encourage any possible success luck to arrive. Encouraging spiritual happiness is also crucial and for this, simple measures such as meditation, taking a nature walk or doing light exercise opens up chances for peace. Do also carry a Magical Windhorse Amulet  or Trinity of Victory Horses Keychain to boost your personal success luck. You can also stick the Windhorse Sticker in your living space.

Stars in the sky: The #3 Quarrelsome is your biggest conflict star this 2019. Its effects will include your temper to be short and frustration to be very high. Arguments may arise, so be mindful and watch what you say, because even the smallest quarrels can lead to bigger fights that might not be convenient for you in the long term. You will need a lot of patience and time for meditation in order to achieve peace and harmony. Tolerance will be your most important asset this year. Display the Red Apple in the South. For those married or in a relationship, display the Pair or Apples in the bedroom for harmony and reconciliation.

Good fortune will come by the hand of Two Big Auspicious stars in your chart which arrive in the South and face three Stars of Big and Small (which symbolize luck, abundance, and prosperity) located directly across in the North. This could signify potential auspiciousness for you, but because of your weak elemental luck, you might have to put in hard work to get the best from this fortune that awaits. To best take advantage of this energy, place the Big and Small Auspicious Mirror or in either the South or the North sector, or both, to capture all the good luck that’s possible. Do carry a Big and Small Auspicious Mirror Keychain or Tai Kat Tai Lay for Big Auspicious. Another Feng Shui suggestion is to display Kuan Kung Sitting on a Magnificent Horse nearby to attract victory and abundance.

HEALTH: The Horse’s health will be taking heat thanks to your weak Life Force and Spirit Essence, which mainly affect your stamina and ability to counteract negativity. Invite the Medicine Buddha into your home this 2019 to take care of you. Its Feng Shui energy will help to ward off health issues that may become serious. Bring the Wu Lou into your environment, displayed in your home sector of the South, particularly in a bedroom or living room.

41 and 65-year-old Horses will enjoy the best predictions of health.
53-year-old will have neutral health luck. 

17, 29, 77 and 89-year-old will need to be extra mindful of their lifestyle choices and physical wellness. Meditation is advised.

To heighten your health luck in 2019 you should display a Brass Wulou in the home. Carry or wear a health amulet or Longevity Vase Keychain. Hang the 5 Emperor Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging in your car to make sure you are fully protected from illness energies.

WEALTH: The 29, 41, 65 and 89-year-old Horses will enjoy good wealth fortune and accumulation of assets during 2019. Invite the God of Wealth on Tiger or the Gold Dzambhala into your home in order to activate fortune luck and wealth accumulation this year.

17 and 77-year-old Water Horses will be most at risk of money loss and must carry the correct Feng Shui enhancers for protection, as well as staying mindful of overspending, gambling or making risky investments.
To enhance wealth luck, consider carrying a wealth amulet, Wealth Activation Amulet Keychain for Attracting Money Luck. In 2019, it's very auspicious to wear or keep close to you natural crystals to activate the #8 Wealth Star. Placing the Red Elephant carrying 8 coins or a the Dzambhala Treasure Vase in the center of your home is an excellent choice too.

CAREER EDUCATION: Success luck in this area may not look to good, but Feng Shui can help you improve the winds of fortune in any area of your life and encourage you to keep going. Invite the Pagoda into your home in the South corner for anyone looking to elevate career or education.

17-year-old horses looking for higher education will be extra lucky. Tap into this fortune by

Students should carry an Education & Scholastic Keychain or Scholastic Keychain.

LOVE: The #3 Quarrelsome Star will make love matters complicated this 2019. Which require Horses to try their best to get along with their partners and be patient. Try to avoid heated arguments that may turn into something more serious. The frustration you may suffer from your 2019 predictions and the #3’s influence will make you lose your temper. But always remember about the ones you love you and try to make peace as best as you can. Staying positive and patient will be your most important tool this year. Protect your marriage and relationship with a Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf in your bedroom. You should also wear crystals that can enhance relationships and fill your mind with calming love energies such as Rose Quartz