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Overall: A year to take caution.

2019 will be a year the Dragon must take caution and protect your personal luck as well as your business. However, there are certain aspects in your chart that may show progress even if there are many obstacles in your way. Stay positive and alert. As the #7 Loss and Betrayal star will be flanking over you, this includes loss, obstacles, backstabbing, and jealousy. Especially from someone you trust. Trust your instincts and yourself to make the tough decisions. 2019 will be the year to set out your plans and goals for make amazing things happen.

Lifeforce and Spirit Essence are at pretty good levels in 2019. This boosts your confidence and mental and physical wellness to progress in different areas of life.
Your Windhorse also looks very good so much of your success will be because of your own determination. Remember, you are ambitious and by any means should you lose this focus, but attaining your goals will rely on your instincts and trust in yourself.
What you need to do in Feng Shui to increase your levels of success is to carry the Magical Windhorse Amulet Keychain. Stick the Windhorse Sticker (2 pieces) in your home or office.

The negative effects of the #7 Betrayal and Robbery star which brings violence and money loss among other misfortunes will need to be on top of your mind when using Feng Shui for protection. Envy will surround you, so watch your back as the people whom you most trust can take steps to betray you. Be patient and don’t get caught up in unnecessary drama and arguments. It is a time for you to be aware, especially at night and in dangerous locations. Stay protected! Place the Anti Burglary Plaque with Rhinoceros and Elephant  and carry a Anti Burglary talisman with you as a protective shield against getting burgled or betrayed. The Anti Burglary & Violence Window Sticker can be affixed to windows to ward off harm too.

The Star of Wu Duo will also bring you negative vibrations and may create chaos. Bring peace to this sector by displaying OM Wheels to protect against evil thoughts or actions from others.
The Star of Yin House will be dangerous in your char especially for senior members.
Placing the feng shui cure of the Yin House Mirror in the east sector helps tame the negative energy of this Star. For further protection, consider carrying the Yin House Mirror Keychain for a balance in energy.

HEALTH: Health will not be the most dangerous for Dragons in 2019. 

31, 43 and 91-year-olds will need to pay extra attention to avoid any mild sickness from turning serious. Make better and healthier lifestyle choices and take time off to avoid stress. Make sure you rest.

The 7 and 67-year-old Dragons must also pay close attention but enjoy more neutral luck when it comes to health.
19, 55 and 79-year-old Dragon, will enjoy better health conditions and will be ready to combat any illness.

To add a layer of protection health-wise in 2019 you should display a Pair of Golden Bagua Feng Shui Wulou or Brass Wu Lou in the home. Carry or wear a health amulet or Garuda Wulou Key chain

WEALTH: Because of the presence of #7 in your chart this year and the lack of support from others may cause money growth to become almost impossible. This means that your personal hard work and focus will be the only way for financial stability. Focus on the small successes that may lead to bigger ones, stay emotionally positive to avoid more negativity in your luck.

19, 79, 55, 91 and 31-year-old Dragons will have better wealth luck and could see their investments get good results. be sure to have Wealth Gods in place at home, in the Southeast area of the living room. This not only helps create wealth but offers protection from money loss.
43-year-old Dragon will have neutral money luck and will need to work hard to succeed. Invite the White Dzambala Tibetan Wealth God or Yellow Dzambala into your home or office.

7-year-old or most importantly, the 67-year-old Dragon wealth luck is at a very low level and does not look at all good. Avoid risky investments and mind spending, gambling may not be such a good idea this 2019.

Those who are not so lucky, you are advised to carry a Wealth Activation Amulet Keychain. Display the Bejeweled Vasudhara - Goddess of Wealth and Abundance in your home or office. Hang a wealth and money enhancer in the car to attract wealth luck. In 2019, it's very auspicious to wear or keep close to you natural crystals to activate the #8 Wealth Star. We highly recommend Citrine, Pyrite and Green Jade in form of clusters and bowl of crystal stones.  Placing the Red Elephant carrying the 8 coins in the center of your home is an excellent choice too as well Wealth pots with money symbols.

CAREER EDUCATION: Confidence and good physical luck look very good, career and scholastic luck looks pretty great. Avoid arguments or negative situations that may keep you distracted from your goals. Since confidence and stamina look quite good in the horoscope of the Dragon, career and study. The 19-year-old Dragon will be the luckiest in this area of life, take advantage of this luck and activate it! Awards await. Carry a Dragon Gate Scholastic Keychain.

LOVE: 2019 looks promising in terms of love for Dragons. Taking further steps in a relationship is very possible, this means an engagement or marriage. Your confidence luck from your life force and spirit essence make you attractive.

For the 55-year-old Dragon may see some trouble in relationships or marriage. An affair or two may be tempting and can cause a painful situation and lead to breakups. Carrying or wearing the Fox amulet, Marriage Saver Keychain or Rooster with Fan is a highly valued feng shui remedy to maintain balance and happiness, the  Amethyst Geode tied it to the foot of your bed with a red thread is also a great cure.

Improve relationship luck and harmony by placing a Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf or Rose Quartz in your living room and bedroom. Wear Rose Quartz or the 2 eyed DZI bracelet.