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2018 Year of the Earth Dog Key Points


There are very important points to keep in mind for the incoming year. It is a time to change our mindset. It is a time to focus on everything that has been created on years before, it is a year to build and improve. The Dog year will make us think twice about taking decisions that directly affect our future, even if they are short term. It is a time to put our common sense to work, as well as our experience.

  • For those in the job market, you need to start listening more to learn better. This applies to almost everyone perusing a career or currently in a good position for the Year of the Earth Dog.
  • Be careful about making any impulsive moves. People with a practical mind set will be the ones who reach success.
  • Earth Years will benefit all who take realistic approaches towards every aspect of their lives, that being love, career, work, and others.
  • Patience will be the best virtue to put into practice this year.
  • Deliberate very carefully any substantial changes you may be thinking of, this being a new job, new home or relocation. This does include love matters!
  • During 2018 the most important word to remember is “completion”.
  • Make sure you have completed everything you started previously, before boarding into any new journey.
  • In the Year of the Earth Dog, the key to succeed is to stay still, there is no relying on instincts, it is a time to rely on the facts and reality, the key is to not get carried away with just illusions. Act on what’s already there!
  • If you really want to lay the basis to bring success into your life, start shifting your mindset into that of consolidation and preparation, it is a building year, a year to strengthen.
  • It is a year of DOUBLE EARTH. This time, the Dog will lack some depth to lead anything into real actions. You may not see quick results to anything you may start this year, this will require a lot of luck and effort for it to happen. However, don’t get too comfortable! This could be dangerous. A little more work and sweat will be needed to see any results anything you pursue, but don’t give up!
  • Any type of resources this year will need to be used with a creative mindset. Otherwise, this support will run out very soon. Success will come to those who are mindful, patient and are meticulous in their planning, short or long term.
  • During the second half of the year, those who have planned well will see enormous results during this period! There is a better position towards the end of 2018.
  • Due to the DOUBLE EARTH, the year involves discipline, practicality and a down-to-earth approach.
  • Earth energy is equal to practical and realistic thinking, as it is a very grounding element. Keep this in mind!
  • Despite this being a DOUBLE EARTH year, there is also a surplus of the Wood element, especially during the start of the year, including February and March. This indicates a congestion of resource and property. Careful!
  • Keep in mind that this year, the chart is UNBALANCED element wise. There is a missing Metal energy and an excess of Wood.
  • So… Take it easy during the first two months of the year. Stay away from new investments or new property.

Benefited and not-benefited Zodiac Signs During 2018

The most benefited by the Earth Dog will be the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon. As well as the Sheep, Monkey, Rooster and Dog. These signs will find they have lucidity of thought throughout the year, as well as effectiveness in their actions and productive results.

On the other hand, Water signs – Rat and Boar – need to work extra hard to energize themselves during the year. This is due to their lack of inner spirit and physical energy.
Motivation and will power will not come easy for these signs because of the Double Earth energy.


Greatest Months for Making Money during 2018

  • August and September will be the best in terms of wealth making!
    This is because in the luck pillars there is a hidden DOUBLE METAL during both months. Metal brings support to all efforts in making money, income wise as well as with assets.
  • These lucky wealth months will benefit patriarchal men in leadership positions, those who have been promoted last year, will experience even more success and benefits as the chi blows their way. Abundance and good fortune is expected for these people, get a hold of these opportunities when you see them, and most importantly ENJOY THEM!


The Year of the Earth Dog will benefit all who have a clear and practical mind set. It is a year to build and strengthen what you already have. Take advantage of the Lucky Wealth months August and September to make financial moves! It is not a year to be impulsive, it is a year to think our actions through and enjoy what we have accomplished.

Best luck to all!

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The Year of the Earth dog will bring with it many changes, positive and negative. Those who have elements of Water in their Chinese astrology will need to pay extra attention to their afflicted Flying Star areas, as these signs will not be compatible with the Earth Dog.

Every Feng Shui practitioner should pay attention to getting the most opportunities out of the Lucky Stars and shielding their home from any misfortune the negative stars may bring upon them, especially in the areas of finance, wealth and misfortune.
During 2018 there will be 4 areas in your living and work spaces that will be afflicted by negative energies, the others will be occupied by positive ones.
As Feng Shui practitioners, you should first read and understand how negative stars will affect each area. Then, you can learn about different cures you can display to subdue them correctly. Afterwards, you can take care of the favorable stars and learn how you can activate them through cure and enhancers!

Remember, during the Year of the Earth Dog, those who are meticulous at planning, will see success. So once you plan out your Feng Shui for the year and are sure about next steps, you will be ready to take on the year with full force!

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