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# 1  V I C T O R Y  S T A R  F L I E S  T O  T H E  W E S T

M A N I F E S T I N G  S T R O N G  W I N N I N G  E N E R G I E S 

This white star flies to the WEST during the year 2019 and represents winning and success over competition. If you are activating this star and need some victory throughout this year, you will for sure be in for much good news, especially if your home is facing this sector.
If your bedroom is located in the West, you will also enjoy victory luck, if you are in a leadership position and your office is in the West, activate the powerful fortune energy this star can bring you.
The most benefited sign will be the Rooster, as it is flying to the Rooster sector. This star will lead you to fortunes that will open new doors for you, this is your chance to reap the benefits!

Be aware though, that the West is also affected by the Three Killings, so it is best to watch out for these two clashing energies and place the enhancers that you need. It will be important that you overcome this negative affliction to ensure the power of the Star 1 is not dissipated, you can hang the Three Guardians Chime or place the figures of the Three Killing to suppress the negative energy.

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