Cintamani Jewel with Eight Auspicious Symbols Treasure Vase
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Cintamani Jewel with Eight Auspicious Symbols Treasure Vase

This is a very auspicious treasure vase carefully crafted from heavy brass and plated in glorious gold.

The body of the pot is embellished with the symbols of Eight Auspicious Objects etched in bas-relief and various decorative motifs. Crowning the pot lid is a Cintamani or flaming jewels, a miraculous treasure which can grant the fulfillment of wishes, often held in the hand of Buddhist images of Ksitigarbha and Avalokitesvara.

The practice of keeping Wealth vases, pots, jars, bowls or plates in homes to enhance wealth luck has been performed by the rich since ancient China and is still widely seen in successful business premises across Asia. A Wealth Vase, when full of auspicious coins, crystal chips and precious jewels to signify accumulation of wealth symbolizes never-ending good fortune and wealth. So, do remember to fill up the Cintamani Jewel with Eight Auspicious Treasure Vase with gold ingots, tumbled gemstones or any items symbolic of wealth and prosperity.

The Eight Auspicious Objects are the central symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. They consist of a parasol, a pair of fishes, a treasure vase, a lotus, a white-spiraling conch shell, an endless knot, a victory banner, and a golden wheel. Each symbol represents an aspect of Buddhist teaching and when they appear together, their powers are multiplied.

Cintamani, also referred to as the "Thinking Jewel", is a wish-granting jewel within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, equivalent to the philosopher's stone in Western culture. It is often depicted on the back of Lung Ta, the Wind Horse and held by the bodhisattvas. Besides being symbols of prosperity, the jewels represent wisdom whilst the flames the Cintamani represent the burning away of false desires and ignorance, giving way to enlightenment

Measure 6" H x 3.5 Diameter


Cintamani Jewel with Eight Auspicious Symbols Treasure Vase

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