If you are wanting to know how to feng shui your bedroom,  the first thing you need to accomplish is creating a good quality energy and let if flow. In the bedroom is where we sleep and where we can get our time to relax so you need to have extra good feng shui in your bedroom so you can have good energy.


  • When you have a TV, computer or exercise equipment in your bedrrom the good feng shui energy is destroyed with all these items present. So one thing you may want to do is remove some of these things that destroy your good feng shui energy.
  • Have good quality fresh air inside your bedroom. There are two good ways to accomplish this and they are: To keep your windows open oftenly to get a lot of fresh air or you can use a good quality air-purifier.
  • The levels of lighting in your bedroom are important. For this you use a dimmer swithch to adjust the energy accordingly. As we know, light is the number one nutrient and the stronges manifestation of energy.
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