Arrowana to Increase Wealth Luck & Multiply Sources of Income
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The Arowana Fish or the Kam Lung Yue which means Golden Dragon Fish, It resembles the powerful and mythical dragon with its barbells and shiny scales. This Feng Shui Symbol is normally seen as biting a coin in its mouth sitting on a bed of coins. It has made its name as the ‘fish of the rich and famous’ because one has to pay a huge price for a live fish. It will always be portrayed as biting a coin and sitting on a bed of coins.

By placing the Arowana you can drive away evil spirits and bad luck. This fish also signifies prosperity, supremacy, wealth, strength and happiness. It is an energizer for wealth luck, and multiplier of sources for income.

The best areas to place the Arowana fish are, North, East, SE, and SW. If you display it in the North sector or on your office desk, it will energize your career luck. If displayed in the SW area or office reception, it will increase your wealth luck, you may also display in the corner in diagonal to your front door. If placed in the East area it will improve your family's well being. Because of its meaning and design, it is a wonderful decoration and gift.


Dimensions: 3" W x 1.5” H 


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Arrowana to Increase Wealth Luck & Multiply Sources of Income

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